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With Denticenter you can get your dental implants for only
$775 dollars! initial phase.

Use your dental insurance and get an even better deal:

No co-payment!

Free dental implant consultation

Four locations, at your Service.

| Tijuana | Mexicali | San Luis,Son | Reynosa,Tam |

Dental Implants In Mexicali, Mexico


Blvd. Lopez Mateos 1924, Primera, 21100 Mexicali, B.C.

Tel US: (760) 235 4162

Tel MX: (686) 554 6454


Thank You!

More than 40,000 successful dental implants done so far.

We accept most major DENTAL INSURANCE with only one call we can check all your benefits and give you the best treatment plan!

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The same high-quality dental work you would receive in the U.S. and Canada.

The benefits of Denticenter

Medical Insurance

The #1 Provider of Mexico for a
Dental Insurance Network in the U.S.


No insurance?, Pay only 500 dollars in your first visit and the rest after three months.

Sedan Car

We have medical pass! You do not have to worry about long lines, in your way back home. Just ask us!

Multiple Locations

With more than 20 years, Denticenter has performed more than 40,000 succesful dental implants so far!

Our Price

We are proud to have the most affordable plan to get Dental Implants, the total cost is only $1510 dollars, pay only 775 dollars in your first visit and the rest after three months! (includes implant, abutment and crown), only 2 visits! 


On your first appointment

you will pay only Implant first payment $775 dollars

Crown Dental Implant

On your second visit, you will pay Abutment and Crown over implant for only $735 dollars (after three months).

We accept most major

Delta Dental, MetLife, United HealthCare, Aetna, Geha , are the main PPO insurance that we take; however, we accept other insurances. If you have any question about your insurance please contact us so we can check your benefits.

We offer one-day Crowns, and 4 locations at your service

| Tijuana | Mexicali | San Luis, Son | Reynosa, Tam|

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